Will the court order my spouse to pay my legal fees?

Will the court order my spouse to pay my legal fees in New Jersey?

One of the biggest factors that many people are concerned about when it comes to divorce is the uncertainty of what will happen if a dependent spouse can’t afford to pay his or her legal fees. In some cases, if a dependent spouse can’t afford to pay their own legal fees, a judge may require that the other spouse cover the cost on their behalf. In order to determine if awarding legal fees to a dependent spouse is necessary, the judge will have to take a number of different factors into consideration.

Typically, if one spouse makes much more income than the other spouse, the judge will approve the dependent party’s request to have legal fees paid. The reason for this is because if one spouse has the financial means to hire a significantly better attorney than the other, the divorce might be unfair. It is important that both spouses both have the opportunity to obtain experienced legal representation that can effectively fight on their behalf in the divorce. Of course, if both spouses are financially independent, it is unlikely that the judge will approve such a request.

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