Why is mediation beneficial?

Why is mediation beneficial?

When a couple decides to get divorced, they will have many options as to the type of divorce that they will obtain. One of their options is to get a divorce through mediation. Many times, this form of divorce is one of the more peaceful ways to do so. There are a number of different reasons that a divorce can be the best option for a couple.

One of the major reasons that a couple may want to choose mediation over another type of divorce is because they want to have control over the decisions that will impact their future so heavily. Mediation allows the couple to decide on these factors themselves as opposed to having a judge make the decisions. The couple gets to sit down and discuss who will get the house and who will have custody of the children, as well as any number of other factors within the division of assets  and divorce process.

In addition, mediation is generally more cost effective and takes less time than other types of divorce. Mediated divorces take place in a conference room setting most of the time so you and your spouse don’t have to end your marriage in a courtroom. This gives you the opportunity to talk through the reasons that your marriage fell apart and walk away with a better opinion about the other person than you did when you initially filed for the divorce. Some families even choose to include the children in one or more of the mediation sessions so they can voice their questions and concerns about the divorce. This can allow the children to have an easier time coping with the divorce, as this situation is typically very emotional for a child to deal with.

If you have questions about what type of divorce may be right for you, contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can assist you.

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