Who is involved in divorce mediation?

When divorce becomes a reality, couples can go through mediation to reach a divorce while deciding on outcomes for marital issues. During mediation, spouses will meet with a neutral third party, who acts as a mediator. For these sessions, each spouse is able to bring their attorney to assist with the process. Mediation takes place in a more private setting than litigation.

How long does mediation take?

Since mediation is at the pace of each couple, it can take as long as they would like. Couples are able to work through marital issues at their own speed. They do not need to rush. In comparison, mediation can be less time-consuming than litigation. Litigation may require long hours in a courtroom and can become drawn out. However, mediation does not have to take as long.

Can I end mediation?

If you are unhappy with the mediation process and have found yourself unable to continue, you are able to stop with divorce mediation proceedings. Instead, you can opt to contest the divorce and enter into litigation. Through this alternative, a judge will decide on marital issues in court for you and your spouse. Since mediation requires the cooperation of both parties, it may be difficult to undergo. It can help maintain a civil divorce but may be difficult for those experiencing especially traumatic divorces.

How is mediation beneficial?

Since mediation is done at your own pace, it can prove to be less time-consuming for couples. During mediation couples are able to decide on marital issues between one another, instead of having a judge make decisions for them in court. Due to the ability to go at your own pace for mediation, spouses may find that their sessions are less costly than litigation in terms of legal fees.

The mediation process allows for a constructive flow of conversation. This may encourage spouses to maintain a healthy working relationship, especially if children are involved. With this amicable parting, spouses can maintain respect for one another and prepare for a better future without extra feelings of turmoil. When child custody arrangements are part of the divorced couples’ lives, a mediated divorce can prove that they are still able to work with one another toward a common goal. This can be beneficial for the children in the marriage.

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