Determining a Child Support Structure.

Who Gets Child Custody?

young father with his little daughter reads the BibleIn the instance of determining the custody of children as the result of a divorce, there is no one generalized answer and many factors must be considered in order to determine who will have more time with the children than the other parent does. Many times, the parents can come to an agreement over who will have primary custody over the children on their own but every case is different.

Child custody and parenting time can be determined by the parties themselves, which is always the best way of doing it. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, then often their parenting coordinator can help. The court system has parenting coordinators that can work with the parties, but if all else fails and the parties really cannot come to an agreement, then you have to go to a psychologist who will do an evaluation and make some kind of a recommendation to the court as to how the parenting and the custody should go forward in the best interest of the children.

In some situations, one parent wants to have primary custody over the child or children but is determined to be unfit by the psychologist that evaluates the parents. In the event that this issue arises, the custody agreement could take a little bit longer than it would if the parents amicably agree on who would have more time with the children and would be the primary parent for the children. The factors that need to be considered in the custody agreement are who will have the best interest of the child or children, who can appropriately make sure the child or children will receive proper care in regards to education, medical and health decisions and a number of other aspects that may arise throughout the child’s upbringing.

In the event that there is a disagreement over custody of the child or children, it would be valuable to seek counsel from an experienced attorney who is familiar with your case.

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