Who can end mediation sessions?

Divorce mediation is a process that couples can use when they file for divorce. This process can encourage spouses to work together to resolve marital issues. These issues can consist of child custody arrangements, child support, alimony, the division of assets and more. They have many decisions to make during this process. Mediation gives them a way to make these decisions for themselves. Although mediation is a good way for couples to decide on issues together, it may prove to be impossible for some couples that cannot cooperate. Since the cooperation of both parties is needed for this process, it is not possible for decisions to be made if the parties cannot get along and work together. This may cause the couple to rethink the process. Even though they have already started mediation sessions, they have the option to end the process. Since th process is not proving to be successful, it may be a waste of time for the couple. They may need to seek alternative means to make decisions. Either spouse can mediation at any time during the process. If they believe their spouse is not cooperating, they may wish to bring the case to court where a judge is responsible for making decisions for the couple.

Can I bring my attorney to mediation?

Once spouses file the paperwork for a divorce, they can enter into a contested or uncontested divorce that may decide how the divorce will proceed. When a divorce is uncontested, spouses can use mediation to make decisions for marital issues. During mediation, spouses attend sessions with a neutral third party that acts as a mediator. This mediator does not make decisions for the couple during the process, but rather acts as a guide. When going to these sessions, spouses are able to bring their attorneys with them. This can help them feel more comfortable during the process with legal aid by their side. Their attorney may be able to handle some of the decisions for them to make it easier on them. At these sessions, spouses should cooperate with one another to make final decisions on their issues that can give them closure.

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