What is a motion in a divorce?

What is a motion in a divorce?

When a person makes the decision to get divorced, it may be the first time they are ever going through a legal matter. Most people aren’t sure what the legal jargon means, so it is important that you educate yourself even just a little about some of the terms you might hear in your divorce. One term that is often used and you will likely run into during the divorce is a motion. A motion is simply a document filed that requests the court does something for you.

If you want some form of legal relief, you will have to file a motion. Motions apply in multiple situations, whether you are requesting a new type of relief or if you want to change something about an existing order. There are a number of different reasons a person would need to file a motion. Some of these can include requesting a child support or spousal support order, changing a visitation order, or requesting assistance with establishing paternity.

It is important that you understand the different roles that both sides play in a motion. For example, you can file a motion and the other side is permitted to file a cross-motion, which either can include an agreement or an opposition to the initial motion that was filed.

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