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Divorce Issue Videos

Who Gets the House in the Divorce?
What is Alimony?
What Does Equitable Distribution Mean?
What are Some Causes of Action to File for Divorce?
Now That Gay Marriage is Legal, Do the Same Divorce Laws Apply?
My Spouse Owns Their Own Business, Am I Entitled to a Share of it in a Divorce?
My Spouse Owns Their Own Business. How Can I Prove their Income?
My Spouse Cheated on Me. Does This Help in My Divorce?
My House is in my Spouse’s Name Only. What Does this Mean for Me?
Is a Spouse Automatically Entitled to Alimony in a Divorce Case?
I Am Getting a Divorce. Will My Spouse Be Entitled to Half of My Pension?
How Much Maintenance Will My Spouse Be Required to Pay?
How Long Does a Divorce Normally Take?
Cash Business in a Divorce

Family Law Issues involving Children

When Can I Stop Paying for Child Support?
What is the Formula to Calculate Child Support?
What Is the Difference between Legal Custody and Residential Custody?
What Does the Attorney for a Child Do?
My Spouse is an Alcoholic. How Can I Prevent Him from Drinking in Front of the Children?
How Is Child Custody and Parenting Time Determined?
Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support if My Spouse and I Agree to Share Custody?

Family Law Issues

What is a Motion?
My Ex-Spouse Has Not Paid Me Child Support. What Can I Do?
I Have Been Served a Summons. What Should I Do Next?
I Filed for Divorce and My Spouse Cut Me Off Financially. What Can I Do?
Can I Switch Judges in the Middle of My Divorce?
Can I Move Out of State With My Child After a Divorce?
Can I Have My Spouse Pay My Legal Fees?
Can I File for Divorce If I no Longer Live in NJ?


What is the Difference Between Court Ordered Mediation and Private Mediation?
What is the Best Way to Approach Mediation?
What is Divorce Mediation and How is it Different from Arbitration?
Can We Continue Mediation Without Our Lawyers Being Present?

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