Understanding Father’s Rights

Understanding Father’s Rights

father reading to childEven though custody laws in New Jersey are gender neutral, sometimes father’s rights can fall to the wayside in child custody matters.  Sometimes the father may not know what he is entitled to as a father, or other times the father simply does not have the resources to be a primary caregiver for a child.  Whatever the case may be, fathers should still have their voices heard in co-parenting and understand their rights to building and maintain a successful and fruitful relationship with their child or children.

Physical Custody

In most cases, mothers maintain the role of the custodial parent of a child or children from a relationship that has been dissolved.  This means that the child will live with the mother primarily, and have visitation with the father.  This puts fathers as a disadvantage because they obviously do not get as much time with their child.  However, fathers should know that they have the right to 50/50 joint physical custody of their child if it is manageable and in the child’s best interest.

Legal Custody

Even if a father does not have physical custody of his child or children, it is important that he maintain legal custody.  Legal custody encompasses all decision making for the child.  A father who has legal custody will be able to make decisions, or be included in the decision-making process for the child.  Some decisions he should be included may be, but are not limited to: educational needs, medical needs, and religious upbringing.

If you are considering a divorce from bed and board, you should contact an attorney.  An experienced divorce attorney can let you know your rights and advise you of all your options under a divorce from bed and board.

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