How Do We Start The Mediation Process?

Begin The Mediation Process In New Jersey

divorce-finance-talkingDuring a divorce proceeding, the two parties who are involved sometimes go through a process of mediation to make sure that the people involved are as content as possible with the finalization of the divorce and the equitable distribution of any assets and determine any applicable custody agreements.

The best way to approach mediation is for the parties or their attorneys to select a mediator that they believe understands the particular issues in the case. Having a mediator that understands the various topics that are being discussed throughout the mediation process is incredibly important to ensure a simple and expedited process possible during an already difficult period of time in the lives are the people who are going through the divorce. The mediator, if there are custody issues, should be someone who understands custody issues. If the mediation requires an understanding of businesses, then you need someone who understands businesses to be the mediator. Sometimes people use psychologists as a mediator when the issues are really only emotional, and that leads to a settlement that way.

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