Explaining what a Mediator Does.

Role Of A Mediator

Copy of mediation-decisionsDuring a divorce, the parties involved can decide to either go through a mediation process or a process of arbitration. Mediation is becoming increasing more popular and is a series of meetings in which the divorcing spouses negotiate and settle the equitable distribution of marital assets and custody, if applicable. It is a way for soon to be ex-spouses to resolve any disputes they may be having. In many cases, each spouse has their attorney present so they can make sure they are receiving a fair portion of the assets. During these mediation meetings, a third party is present to act as the mediator to help resolve any disputes that may arise during this process. A divorce is a very emotional time for many people and it is helpful to have a third party there in case things escalate in a negative manner.

A mediator meets with the litigants, sometimes separately, sometimes together. Sometimes the mediator will tell one of the litigants what they think should happen, or what the best thing is to have happen, but the mediator is there to see that the parties come to an agreement that they both really want to agree upon.

The mediator’s job is to see to it that the parties leave mediation with an agreement that they both feel as though they had a hand in drawing up, that nobody forced them into any part of that agreement. I think that’s the mediator’s basic job. Although divorces have a tendency to be very complicated and stressful on many people, a mediator can help relieve some of the tension and allow all parties to have their voices heard in the negotiations process to make sure that it can be finalized as quickly and as easily as possible.

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