Recovering Overdue Child Support.

Late Child Support Payments

shutterstock_217332397-1024x683After a divorce takes place and custody agreements, as well as child support payments have been agreed upon, there will be occasional situations in which the ex-spouse neglects to comply with their monetary obligations in regards to the children.

When one party is not complying with a prior order or the prior judgement in a case, there are methods by which you can approach the court to request that the person comply with the orders. I generally try to do a letter first and to try to work things out so that the ex-spouse in question understands that if they don’t start complying with the prior order, or prior judgement, that we will be applying to court. Not only will we be asking for the compliance, but we will also be asking that that party pay the legal fees of the person making the application, which sometimes is granted by the court. Usually in the case of a judge granting that the ex-spouse has to pay your legal fees, it is because that person has a significantly greater income than the other party.

It is important to make the consequences of the refusal to pay child support known in an attempt to quickly expedite the situation and ensure that all future child support payments will be made. If you are concerned that your ex-spouse is not paying the child support that they have agreed to pay during the divorce settlements, get in contact with your attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of obtaining the funds that you are entitled to.

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