What is the process of divorce?

What should I know about the process of divorce in Monmouth County?

The unfortunate reality of marriage is that today, over half of them end in divorce. While marriage is a wonderful thing for some, it doesn’t always work out the first, or second, or even fifth time for others. When it comes time for a struggling couple to consider divorce, it is important that they meet with an experienced divorce attorney to get an idea of what to expect. The divorce process is as follows:

  1. Establish a jurisdiction by fulfilling the residency requirement and decide whether fault grounds will be cited. Note: most people opt to cite “no fault”
  2.  File the Complaint for Divorce and serve the defendant within 4 months
  3. A Case Management Conference will occur to discuss contested issues, pre-trial discovery, a trial date, and the possibility of alternative dispute resolution
  4. If the Case Management Conference is successful, the couple may go to an Early Settlement Panel, which may save them time and money
  5. The Discovery process is often the longest part of the divorce and handles all financial aspects
  6. Once all matters are resolved, the Final Judgment of Divorce can be drafted and filed, which finalizes the divorce

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