How Much Child Support Do I Have To Pay?

What Is The Amount Of Child Support I Am Required To Pay

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In New Jersey when there is a custody agreement, there is a certain amount of money that needs to be paid every month by the parent who does not have residential custody of the child or children in question.

Child support in New Jersey is determined by a calculated, computerized program based on the parties’ gross incomes and their reasonable deductions from those incomes. It depends on the number of children. It depends on how the person is paid. The computer calculates that, and it’s called The Child Support Guidelines. If the parties earn over a joint income gross of $187,000 a year, there are often times additional items that will be added to the child support number that comes out on The Child Support Guidelines worksheet.

The child support worksheet that New Jersey residents must use to determine how much they have to pay each month uses a number of factors to calculate the monetary amount. The factors that are included on the worksheet are the number of children, percentage of parenting time, gross taxable weekly income, prior weekly support orders, and finally, the filing status of the parent.

Though the child support calculator is available for the public to use on their own, the final decision of the amount to be paid monthly is made by the court. The calculator merely gives the party in question a general idea of how much they will be expected to pay. All of the information that must be entered on the child support calculator worksheet needs to be verified for accuracy and if it is not accurate, will have to be reevaluated.

Another important resource when trying to determine how much child support must be paid is to look at the complete guidelines that are provided on the same website.

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