Monmouth County Mediation Services

Monmouth County Mediation Services

When a marriage in Monmouth County seems to be on its last legs, the couple may want to start considering their options for divorce. There are a number of different methods of divorce that are available in New Jersey. Arguably one of the most popular forms of divorce is divorce through mediation. This form of divorce allows the couple to come together in a neutral setting to resolve issues through communication.

Each divorce mediation session generally consists of the two spouses, their respective attorneys, and one neutral mediator who can guide the couple towards a successful resolution of any outstanding issues. A lot of times, couples are able to seek benefits through mediation that others are not able to through other means of divorce.

Some of the benefits of mediation include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The couple is able to make decisions for themselves instead of having a judge decide on their behalf.
  • The couple often finalizes the divorce much quicker than other options for divorce because they are able to work on their own schedule.
  • The sessions take place in a conference room setting, not a courtroom.
  • Mediated divorces are often less expensive than other forms of divorce.

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