Monmouth County Divorce Options

Monmouth County Divorce Options

When a couple in Monmouth County comes to the difficult realization that they no longer want to be married, they may start to consider divorce. Divorce is a lot more complex than just signing a few papers. In fact, the couple has a number of different options when it comes to determining which type of divorce they actually want to get. Of course, divorce is not one size fits all and each couple will have to determine on their own which may work best for them.

Litigated divorces take place in a courtroom. The judge will make decisions on any matters that the couple cannot agree on amongst themselves. This option often works best for couples that are not willing to communicate with each other or come to a decision together about contested issues.

Collaborative divorces allow the couple to work with a team of experts that can advise them about any contested matters that may arise during the divorce. This is a form of alternative dispute resolution.

Another form of alternative dispute resolution that is more popular than the first is mediation. Mediation allows the couple to get divorced in a conference room instead of a courtroom and requires them to communicate about any contested matters. This is often the quickest and least expensive option.

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