Modifications in New Jersey

What Should I Know About Post Judgment Modifications in New Jersey?

When a Final Judgment of Divorce is passed in New Jersey, the provisions that are included in the agreement are legally binding. Of course, neither party nor the judge themselves will be able to predict any significant changes in circumstance that may arise at some point in the future. In the event that a major change in circumstances does occur, the party who is impacted by the new situation may wonder whether they are able to request that the court modifies the original order.

Some of the matters that most frequently require post-judgment modifications include spousal support and factors related to the child, including child support, child custody, and child visitation. It is important to be aware that in order for the court to approve a modification, the individual requesting changes must prove that there are significant, permanent, and unexpected changes in circumstance that requires them to make changes.

A few of the most common reasons to request post-judgment action includes a serious health issue, relocation of a child, a significant increase or decrease in income, a change in custody, a change in employment status, among other things.

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