How Long Do I Have To Pay Child Support?

Time Requirement For Child Support Payments In New Jersey

pregnancy-1039537_960_720After a divorce has been finalized and a custody agreement has been reached, the parent who does not have residential custody is required to pay child support. Depending on when the divorce took place during the child’s life, the parent can be paying child support for many years. However, at some point, the child is no longer a child and the parent who doesn’t have residential custody can stop paying for child support. 

Child support is to be paid for children who are unemancipated. Unemancipated means they are no longer full-time students, they have gone to work, or they can’t be full-time students or go to work because they have some kind of a disability. Then they would be considered unemancipated.

Once a child is emancipated, which is generally considered after high school when they go to work, or after college and they go to work, then child support can stop. It depends, also, on the agreement between the parties. In some cases, parties agree to pay for graduate school and child support because both of the parties have gone to graduate school.

It depends on the family, and it depends on what is expected of the children, and that can sometimes be difficult to determine. There is also a new law in the State of New Jersey that is coming into effect in February of 2017 where child support will terminate at age 19 unless the parties have agreed to something different, or the parties apply to the court for something different. Every divorce case from its beginning until the child support and custody agreement has been made is specific to the parents who are involved and therefore, the specific time in which child support no longer needs to be paid varies on a case by case basis.

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