What should I know about the divorce process?

What should I know about the divorce process?

Though most people who are getting a divorce have to go through generally the same steps in order to do so, no two divorces are exactly the same. It can be a complicated process but it’s different for everybody. Some divorces can be over in a matter of months and others may, unfortunately, result in a legal battle that gets drawn out over a number of years.

No matter the situation, one spouse will have to file a complaint and then serve the other spouse with divorce papers that state their intent to get a divorce. The other spouse will have to answer the complaint. Then, the couple will have to go to a Case Management Conference to discuss all of the factors that need to be taken care of in the divorce, such as considering alternative dispute resolution determining, setting a trial date, and contested issues that may exist between the couple. Some couples may be sent to an Early Settlement Panel that will determine whether they should attend mediation.

The next step for the couple is to go through the discovery process. This is where each spouse lays out all of their financial information using a statement of net worth. All assets and debts must be assigned a value to determine how they will be divided.

A Final Judgment of Divorce is the last step in the process. It is simply a document that finalizes your divorce and includes court orders such as alimony payments, child custody, and support arrangements, and equitable distribution. If you have questions about the divorce process for your situation, contact our firm today.

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