How is mediation beneficial?

Marriage is a happy experience that can lead to a wonderful family. However, sometimes marriages are not built to last. Throughout our lives, we face many problems. If we cannot get through these problems with our spouses, it can lead to devastating consequences. A divorce may become a topic that needs to be considered. Couples may not be able to live together anymore and share their lives with one another. Due to this emotional time, a divorce is difficult to undergo. Mediation can be an efficient way to work through a divorce. Although mediation is not for everyone, it has great benefits that spouses can experience.

What is mediation?

Through mediation, spouses can meet with a third party to settle the issues involved in their divorce. This will still result in the outcome of a divorce for the couple. It can provide an easier way to do it though. The third party will work with both spouses to ensure that compromises are being made. The couple can decide issues, such as the division of marital property, spousal support, child support and child custody. It addresses the same issues as a court trial would. However, it is in a private environment.

To prepare for mediation, the legal counsel of a professional attorney is best. We can help you during this emotional time to collect the information you need. Our compassionate firm works to ensure you are provided with the best outcome.

In order to gather information for mediation, financial documents need to be ready to be discussed. Make sure to go over your cares and concerns regarding the divorce so that you are guaranteed all your wishes were addressed. A Settlement Agreement will be made to outline all the topics that were discussed and the outcomes decided upon.

What are the benefits of going through a mediated divorce?

With a mediated divorce, couples have more control over the outcome of the situation and the proceedings. The spouses have their privacy since they will not have to attend court trials to battle it out. Mediation allows for a civil way to decide upon important issues. The drama does not need to increase with a divorce. It is time to settle your differences, especially if your children are involved. This can lead to a more amicable conclusion, resulting in a healthy co-parenting relationship. Also, mediation may be less costly and time-consuming than going through litigation.

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