How do I establish paternity?

How do I establish paternity in New Jersey?

Raising a child is be very expensive, especially for single parents. However, one way that a single parent can be financially assisted in raising a child is through child support payments. In order to have a court order child support, the parent needs to legally establish that the person they are looking to collect child support payments from is the other parent.  There are many situations in which a child’s mother has not legally established paternity, meaning that no one is listed as the child’s father on their birth certificate or by law.

In order for a mother to collect child support from the child’s father, they can first file a motion for child support through the court. If the father accepts the motion and agrees that they are the father, there is no issue. However, many times, the father will contest the issue and say they are not the father, which makes the process far more difficult. If this is the case, the court may order a paternity test. This will require the suspected father to take a DNA test. If the man’s DNA is a 95-percent match according to the genetics test, he is legally pronounced the child’s father and will be ordered by the court to make child support payments.

Once he is legally considered the father, he can request to make a custody agreement or obtain visitation rights. If you need assistance establishing paternity in New Jersey, contact an experienced family law attorney today.

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