What Happens If I Have Been Served A Summons?

I Have Been Served A Summons. Now What?

med240013In the unfortunate event that you have been served a summons and a complaint, there are a number of next steps that you will need to take. These steps will ensure that you begin the process appropriately. If you have been served with a summons and a complaint, you will have 35 days to answer the complaint. You do not have to go to court to answer it, but it must be in writing on a certain type of format as your response to the divorce complaint.

You can decide whether or not you want to try and come to a settlement through negotiations with the person who served you the summons and filed a complaint. If you do choose to answer the complaint within the 35-day time frame, the court will be aware of the intentions you have to defend yourself against the complaint that was made against you. 

If you fail to answer the complaint that was made against you, chances are, you are trying to dismiss the motion altogether. You would typically take this route if you feel the complaint is unjust and is not even worth defending yourself over because the person who summonsed you never stated a legitimate reason within their complaint.  

Most importantly, you should be in contact with an experienced attorney that can assist you during this time. If you have never received a summons before, it can be a very overwhelming process to try and negotiate without the help of a person who deals with these types of situations on a regular basis and therefore have the knowledge and experience to advise you in whatever choice you make. 

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