Drafting a Valid Prenuptial Agreement in NJ

Drafting a Valid Prenuptial Agreement in New Jersey

When a couple makes the decision to take their relationship to the next level and wishes to get married, they are often too caught up in the excitement of it all to think about the serious legal matter that marriage is. However, when both parties have worked hard to find success in their own careers, they may want to make sure their assets are protected before they enter into the marriage. One such way to do this is to draft a prenuptial agreement. It is important to note that just because a couple creates a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean at all that they are destined for divorce. It can simply bring peace of mind in the event that the unexpected does happen and allows the couple to focus on the more important factors of their relationship.

When creating a prenuptial agreement in the state of New Jersey, it is important to ensure the validity of the agreement that is drafted. The criteria that must be met for a valid prenuptial agreement include that the agreement:

  • Must be written
  • Must be voluntary
  • Must include a full financial disclosure
  • Must be notarized
  • Must be fair and just to both parties

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