I Don’t Want My Ex-Spouse Who Is An Alcoholic Drinking Around Our Children. What Can I Do?

My Ex-Spouse Is An Alcoholic

girl-797837_960_720In some situations of custody agreements after a divorce, one of the parents may, unfortunately, have a drinking problem that the other parent wants to keep their children distanced from.

When one of the spouses has an alcohol problem, there are ways to protect the children and still allow the children to see that parent and be with that parent, which is very important for the children. Soberlink is a method by which, at specific times, the person with the alcohol problem must breathe into a breathalyzer, and the information regarding the alcohol content of that breath, and the picture of the person breathing into the breathalyzer is sent via text or email notifications to the other parent. This can help the other parent determine if it is safe for their children to be in contact with the parent who has an alcohol problem.

You would do that before the parent drives with the children. You would do that before the parent has the children. Often, we also put in the agreement that the parent must breathe into the Soberlink at 10:00 or 11:00 at night, after the children are put to sleep to make sure that there’s no problem with the parent drinking even when the children are spending time with them overnight. Soberlink entitles you to a minimum of 15 days of sobriety testing per month.

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