Does legal custody give me a say in relocation matters?

Upon divorce, child custody arrangements will be made. These agreements must be followed. Otherwise, parents may be in violation of a court order. This can show that they are in contempt of court. Due to this, they may face legal action. They could even jeopardize their custody of their children. As a parent, you want the best for your child. You also want to be involved in their life as much as possible. If your former spouse is considering relocating with your child, this can have an effect on your relationship with your child. As a parent with legal custody of a child, you are entitled to make decisions for them. These decisions can be in relation to their education, medical treatment, religion and much more. The relocation of your child is another decision that you should be included in. If you believe this relocation will have negative effects on your child, you should speak up. If you do not want your relationship with your child to be affected, you may also be entitled to present this reasoning. The courts do not want to disrupt the child custody arrangement that is in place. If one parent is trying to move across the country with the child, this can cause the relationship between the child and the other parent to be greatly affected. Judges will take into account all factors to make a final decision for the case.

Is physical custody more important than legal custody?

Physical and legal custody are two forms of child custody that are involved in the arrangements. However, neither one is necessarily more important than the other. They apply to different areas. Physical custody names one parent as the custodial parent. This means that the child will reside with them most of the time. Legal custody gives a parent the ability to make important decisions for the child. This can include the child’s medical treatment, their education, religion and much more. With this form of custody, parents are still involved in big decisions in the child’s life. This can include the relocation of their child. Even though they may not have physical custody of the child, they still should have a say in the matter.

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