Do I Need a Reason to get a Divorce?

Causes For Divorce In New Jersey

shutterstock_2422927751In order to obtain a divorce or to even start the filing process, the party who is trying to file for divorce needs a cause of action or a reason for doing so. The causes of action for filing a divorce are multiple, but generally we use irreconcilable differences for a period of more than six months because that does not start the case off with the other side being angry that you have put in your complaint that there was adultery, or there was drug addiction, or there were other issues that would only get the other side angry, and would not really make any difference to the court in terms of your divorce.

The issues like drug addiction or alcoholism that would have an impact on custody can still be litigated even when you don’t file your divorce complaint based on those issues, they are simply alternative factors that can be considered during the custody decision. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered while making the decision to file for divorce.

If you are interested in beginning to file for divorce from your spouse, one of the first steps should be to contact an attorney and receive a legal consultation. The process of explaining your situation to an attorney can allow them to help you determine a cause of action so you can proceed with your filing for divorce and begin to get the process started.

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