Divorce Mediation: Resolving Your Divorce Issues Amicably & Economically

What is Divorce Mediation?

woman with wedding ringMediation is an alternative resolution process in a divorce.  This process is beneficial for divorcing couples who would prefer not to go through the lengthy, and often times expensive, court litigation process.  Divorce mediation can help spouses negotiate their own terms of their divorce rather than having a judge make the final decision.

What Happens in a Divorce Mediation?

Prior to attending mediation, the spouses and their respective attorneys will choose a neutral mediator.  This mediator’s part in the process is to serve as a non-biased party that can help convey the wants and needs of the spouses to each other.  The divorcing spouses should be ready to disclose all relevant information during the mediation to make the process run smoothly.

A divorce mediation should be non-confrontational.  Since its only natural that spouses get emotional about their divorce, they may find it hard to convey their positions to each other without getting worked up.  A mediator can help the divorcing couple relay their terms in a way that can avoid miscommunication.

What are Some Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation has many benefits, such as:

  • Affordability.  Mediation takes away the pricey costs on a court litigation.
  • Timely.  Mediation offers a flexible schedule to the divorcing couple.  Sessions can be planned around their schedules, often in just one or two separate mediation sessions.
  • Non-confrontational.  The non-formal setting can help the divorcing spouses feel more comfortable with discussing their divorce.  Also, the participation of a mediator can help the spouses relay messages without getting too emotional.
  • Spouse participation can lead to better compliance.  Sometimes, when couples work out their own terms of their divorce, they may be more likely to comply with the divorce decree.

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