How Divorce Mediation Differs from Arbitration.

Mediation vs. Arbitration

court house logoMediation and arbitration are two processes that are used by the divorce court and the litigators in order to help people finalize their divorce without the need to go to trial, spend a lot of time and money and energy in a court building.

A mediator is someone that helps the parties decide how to settle their case. The mediator will meet with the involved parties. Sometimes they will meet with the parties separately but sometimes they will all meet together. Sometimes the mediator will tell one of the litigants what they think should happen, or what the best thing is to have happen, but the mediator is there to see that the parties come to an agreement that they both really want to agree upon. A mediator is very helpful to have in situations such as divorce because a lot of difficult emotions are brought to light during this time and it helps to have an unbiased third party there to help resolve any disputes that will most likely, inevitably come about.

While this is also a way to finalize the divorce proceedings, arbitration is a different process than mediation. An arbitrator does exactly what a judge would do, and actually settles all of the issues for the parties. The only difference in this situation is that all of the groups of people who are involved don’t actually need to go spend time in a courtroom.

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