How Long Does It Take to get Divorced in NJ?

Divorce Length In New Jersey

med240013One of the most prevalent questions that arises when a client first comes in with the intentions of getting a divorced is how long the divorce process will actually take. Well, there isn’t really a definitive answer to that. Some divorces are a lot simpler than others and could take just a few months. Other divorces, however, might take upwards of a year simply because there are a lot of factors that have to be considered during the divorce.

It is almost impossible to tell a client how long a divorce will take in New Jersey or just about anywhere. The reason why is that it depends so much on how the parties negotiate with each other; whether they negotiate in good faith; or whether there are items that have to be taken care of such as evaluations, appraisals, and whether or not there is going to be a custody matter that has to be litigated. A divorce can take a year or it can take much longer. It depends on each particular case.

Marriages that only lasted a few years may have less assets to consider than what are known as vintage marriages that have lasted twenty or more years. In addition to the division and negotiation of assets could be the negotiation of a child custody agreement, if applicable to your particular case. That alone could add weeks or months to the length of your case because disagreements may arise over who will get custody of the children and the child support calculations that need to be paid. In addition, maintenance payments or alimony might need to be considered and that is just another negotiation that could be simple or complex depending on the cooperation of the parties involved.

If you are considering obtaining a divorce, seek counsel from an experienced family law attorney that would be happy to assist you during this time.

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