What Are The Different Types of Mediation?

Types Of Mediation In New Jersey

Happy marriage at the and of therapy sessionSome divorces use mediation as a means to come to an agreement about the various factors that need to be considered during the divorce case, which may be very complex. If the parties involved decide to pursue mediation, there are two different types of mediation that may take place. The first type of mediation is court-ordered mediation. The second type of mediation is known as private mediation. It is important to understand the difference between these types of mediation in the event that you encounter a situation where you have to experience a divorce.

Court ordered mediation generally sends the parties to a mediator that is already on the court list. Then the first two hours of the mediation is free, which usually includes an hour of reading all the paperwork, an hour of meeting with the parties, and after that there is a charge of whatever the mediator generally charges. Mediation will usually be court ordered in situations where there is a dispute over custody or visitation rights for the children that may belong to the parties getting divorced.

For private mediation, you can choose who you want to mediate, and there is no time that is free of charge starting with that. The list is more expansive when you’re doing your own selection and you can determine who you think might be the most effective mediator that can assist in your divorce case.

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