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Divorce is a serious matter that impacts the whole family. When spouses need to end their relationship, the children can easily become the victims. Child custody can be one of the most emotional topics. Parents often cannot agree to terms that best suit the child involved. One parent may believe that since they have been the primary caretaker while the other works long hours, he or she is entitled to a custody arrangement that awards them with more nights with the child. This is not the case and parents can find themselves litigating the matter. It is important to note that both parents have equal rights to child custody. If you need to address child custody, it is important to think of the children. The practical staff at The Law Office of Toby Grabelle, LLC ensures that you understand your options and that your children’s rights are safeguarded. Through our established mediation practice, we can guide a couple towards a fair and just child custody arrangement. If the matter leads our clients to litigation, we will passionately and effectively represent their needs in court. If you need a dedicated attorney to protect your rights and your family, contact The Law Office of Toby Grabelle, LLC.

Legal Custody

Child custody can be a complex matter and knowing the difference between custody arrangements is important. Legal custody refers to the right to make the day-to-day decisions for your children. Legal custody allows the parent to address such important issues as a child’s health, education, religion and general welfare.

  • Joint Legal Custody: Both parties, including the parent with whom the children do not reside full time, have decision-making input.
  • Sole Legal Custody: The parent of primary residence or with sole custody makes all of the decisions without input from the other parent.

Legal custody is the most important factor for our clients. If a parent was to lose legal custody, the parental relationship would be majorly impacted.

Physical Custody

Physical custody addresses where the child will spend more nights per week. In the best situation, parents can agree to a shared custody arrangement where a child spends equal time with each parent, but this is not always the case. When a couple goes to court, one of the parties will most likely be awarded physical custody, establishing them as the primary caretaker. A couple may be able to agree on a fair child custody arrangement through mediation.

How mediation can help

In the most fortunate cases, parents can come together and agree to terms outside of court. Unless one of the parents poses a danger to the child, a certified mediator can guide the parties towards a fair and just parenting plan. The process of mediation will focus on the best interests of the child. Through the process of mediation, a couple can focus on a mutual goal while avoiding an emotionally-charged battle in court. Mediation can help divorcing parents begin a constructive post-divorce relationship, model positive dispute resolution to the children, save time and money, allow the parents to decide on matters for themselves.

Contact a Monmouth County child custody attorney

Child custody is a topic that can be complex and emotional. For some, child custody can be too much to bear. When a parent must deal with the fact that they might not see their child every day, child custody can easily lead to a drawn-out court battle. If you need a compassionate and experienced law firm to represent your needs in and out of court, contact The Law Office of Toby Grabelle, LLC. If you are interested in the mediation process, don’t hesitate to contact our firm for an initial appointment.