Children & Parenting Issues

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When a couple gets a divorce, the process is taxing and draining on the whole family. When children are involved, the process becomes more complicated and often emotional. Child and parenting issues are some of the hardest topics for divorcing couples to agree on. These topics often become heated and have the capacity to drag couples into litigation. Child custody and visitation are factors that truly hits families hard. Parents have worked to establish a consistently positive environment for their children. When faced with the prospect of having to share time with the other parent and not seeing a child every day, the future can be too much for some. Child support often complicates the matter by introducing money into the overwhelming process. If you are a parent who needs a compassionate and effective attorney to guide you through child and parenting issues, contact The Law Office of Toby Grabelle, LLC today.

Child Support

February 1st, 2017 saw a slight change in child support laws. The presumed age for child support to end moved to 19 years. Once a child turns 19 or becomes financially independent, a parent must file papers asking the court to deem their child emancipated, terminating the support structure. Child support can last through college and beyond in some cases. New Jersey courts have the authority to order parents to follow a child support structure, whether decided by the court or agreed through mediation. Child support is largely determined by the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines.

Child Custody

When parents get a divorce, the process impacts the whole family. In these circumstances, the child’s living arrangements must be addressed in the divorce. Most of the time, this topic is too emotional for some. Contested divorce cases will often revolve around the same issues and child custody is one of the toughest topics for families to overcome. Parents have worked to establish a consistent and positive relationship with their children and the idea of not living with their children every night of the week can lead to heated, drawn-out court battles. It is crucial that child custody issues are handled by a skilled attorney as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Child Visitation

Divorce can be a painful process. When children are impacted by the divorce process, it can become too much for the family to handle. New Jersey courts will always act in the best interests of the child and when familial issues are addressed in court, the judge will first consider what is best for the child. New Jersey courts will address the home life of the child over the course of the case, regardless of any agreed parenting structure. Sometimes, one parent is deemed unfit by the court and the other party is awarded sole custody of the child. Those cases bring up a lot of pertinent issues related to child visitation. Though a parent may be unfit to be a guardian, he or she still has the right to be a part of the child’s life. Other times, a grandparent or sibling might want access to a child against the wishes of a custodial parent.