Child Support in Monmouth County

Child Support in Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Middlesex County

Child support in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey is often one of the most contested matters of any divorce or family law matter. This is often especially true if the child has had little to no relationship with the parent who has been ordered to pay child support, or if the parent loses custody of the child altogether. However, as the child’s parent, they may be legally obligated to make support payments until the child becomes emancipated. If the child goes to college or some other form of higher education, an obligation to make child support payments can extend through the time they finish that schooling.

There are several different factors that go into determining a child support obligation, the majority of which come from New Jersey’s child support guidelines. Some of the factors that the courts in Monmouth County will assess in an effort to create a fair and just child support structure include:

  • The needs of the child
  • The age and health of the child
  • The education of the child
  • The cost of providing for the child
  • The parenting time agreement
  • The financial status of each parent
  • The earning capacity of each parent
  • The work history of each parent
  • The income, debt, and assets of each parent

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