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What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

What Are the Benefits of Mediation? When couples go through a divorce, they often seek alternative methods that exist outside of a courtroom. While it may not be possible for all couples, it can be beneficial for some to reach an amicable agreement about their marital issues without the assistance of a judge. One ofRead More


Domestic Violence in New Jersey

Domestic Violence in New Jersey Domestic violence is a destructive problem that haunts countless lives. The state of New Jersey works hard to find solutions to this issue and protect victims from their abusers. In 1991, the state created the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in order to protect the victims of domesticRead More

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Divorce Options in New Jersey

Divorce Options in New Jersey Going through a divorce is a time-consuming process that requires great patience. There are several things for a divorcing couple to consider before they officially go their separate ways. This requires them to make several decisions regarding certain marital issues. There are many different ways a couple can dissolve theirRead More

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Division of Assets in New Jersey

Division of Assets in New Jersey There are many matters for a couple must take care of before finalizing a divorce. One of the most important parts of a divorce is splitting assets and figuring out which spouse maintains certain possessions. Sometimes, a couple can come to an agreement about the distribution of assets outsideRead More

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Child Support in New Jersey

Child Support in New Jersey After a court comes to the decision of child custody, they must then decide the matter of child support. Child support is payments made by one parent to another in order to help care for a child even after divorce. In the state of New Jersey, both parents are requiredRead More


Child Custody in New Jersey

When a family separates due to divorce, it impacts the family as a whole. Unfortunately, the situation of divorce comes with the issue of child custody. Custody arrangements are made to determine who the child spends their time with in addition to which parent(s) is responsible for making decisions about the child’s life. There areRead More

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When can I end mediation?

Instead of entering into litigation to resolve issues during the divorce process, many couples decide to go through mediation by participating in sessions together. During mediation sessions, they meet with a neutral third party that serves as a mediator. This person does not make decisions for them, but rather guides the conversation. They can serveRead More