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How is mediation beneficial?

Marriage is a happy experience that can lead to a wonderful family. However, sometimes marriages are not built to last. Throughout our lives, we face many problems. If we cannot get through these problems with our spouses, it can lead to devastating consequences. A divorce may become a topic that needs to be considered. CouplesRead More

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Monmouth County Mediation Services

Monmouth County Mediation Services When a marriage in Monmouth County seems to be on its last legs, the couple may want to start considering their options for divorce. There are a number of different methods of divorce that are available in New Jersey. Arguably one of the most popular forms of divorce is divorce through mediation.Read More

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Divorce Mediation: Resolving Your Divorce Issues Amicably & Economically

What is Divorce Mediation? Mediation is an alternative resolution process in a divorce.  This process is beneficial for divorcing couples who would prefer not to go through the lengthy, and often times expensive, court litigation process.  Divorce mediation can help spouses negotiate their own terms of their divorce rather than having a judge make theRead More