What If I Can’t Afford To Divorce My Spouse Because They Cut Me Off Financially?

Can My Spouse Pay My Divorce Fees?

shutterstock_2422927751It is very common after someone files for divorce that the other spouse who has been paying bills either stops paying all of the bills or stops paying some of the bills. What happens in these situations is that you can try to negotiate first with that spouse or that spouse’s attorney to see whether you can get the status quo – how things were paid previously – back into play. One of the goals of an attorney in these situations is that they will try to maintain the financial status quo for their client, including paying the bills that they paid prior to the divorce.

When that doesn’t happen, then you will absolutely have to go to court and get the judge to try and straighten this situation out to make sure your spouse complies with their financial obligations. The judge has to be told at this point what the needs are of the party and the children, if any, and how the other party has been paying those bills so that the court can order that person to continue to pay the bills.

If you find yourself in a situation where the spouse you have filed for divorce from refuses to pay bills that they once paid, seek counsel from the attorney who is working on your divorce case. This suggestion to meet with your attorney is made in order to ensure your soon to be ex-spouse does not take financial advantage of you as a result of your divorce. 

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