How can I serve my spouse divorce papers?

When you make the decision to file for divorce from your spouse in New Jersey, you will be required to serve them the divorce papers. In this situation, your spouse is referred to as the “defendant.” There are a number of different ways that you can go about serving your spouse a summons for divorce. The New Jersey court system prefers those who are going to serve a summons to do so in person.

If your spouse still lives in New Jersey and you are aware of their current home address, you can personally serve them the divorce papers there. However, if you don’t know where the defendant currently resides, you will have to go through extra steps to determine how to serve the papers. You may want to speak with their friends, family members, employers, or other people who may know your spouse’s whereabouts. You can also send a letter to the Motor Vehicle Commission or the Post Office of the town in which your spouse last resided.

If the spouse lives outside of New Jersey, whether in another state or in a foreign country, you may also be able to serve them papers in person if you know where they live. You are also permitted to serve the defendant divorce papers by mail directly to their home address if you know where it is or by mail to their attorney.

If you have questions about what steps you need to take to file for divorce and serve your spouse a divorce summons, contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney in New Jersey today.

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