How can I obtain a temporary restraining order?

How can I obtain a temporary restraining order?

As unfortunate as it is, domestic violence is a huge problem throughout New Jersey and across the United States. Domestic violence covers a wide range of abuse not limited to physical or emotional abuse, but also:

  • Mental abuse
  • Harassment
  • Terroristic threats
  • Assault

There are two ways in which a person can obtain protection from his or her abuser. If they decide to seek civil relief, the individual will go through New Jersey family court to obtain a temporary restraining order. If a temporary restraining order is issued through family court, the court must hear the case within 10 days of the date on which the order was issued.

The other option is for the person to go through the local police department. If the victim decides to press charges on their abuser, they will have to file a Criminal Complaint in either the town where the abuser lives, where the victim lives, where the abuse took place, or where the victim is sheltered.

It is important that any person who is the victim of domestic violence in New Jersey obtains the protection that can help them to avoid further abuse in the future. If you need an experienced family law attorney to help you obtain protection from domestic violence, contact our firm today.

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