Can I bring my attorney to mediation sessions?

When people file for divorce, they will either enter into a contested or uncontested divorce depending on the fault ground that is cited in their paperwork. When you enter into an uncontested divorce, you can solve your issues in mediation. Mediation sessions with your spouse can cause you to work on marital issues together to reach conclusions on important matters. This process involves a neutral third party that serves as a mediator during these sessions. This individual can help guide you through the mediation process and keep the conversation productive. However, you are still able to bring your attorney to mediation.

Each spouse is able to bring their attorney to mediation if they want to. This may provide them more comfort on legal matters during a time that may be emotional for them. Since mediation requires the cooperation of both spouses, they may find it beneficial to bring their attorneys with them. With an attorney present, you may be more inclined to speak your mind and have your needs accounted for. Mediation is designed for couples to go through an amicable divorce with one another in order for them to avoid litigation, which can be emotionally demanding on them. The spouses can decide on issues such as child custody, child support, alimony and the division of assets. For these decisions, they may be more satisfied by going through mediation instead of having a judge make decisions in court, which can give them unfavorable outcomes. Spouses can decide in private together and make compromises to appease one another’s needs.

Can marital issues be changed?

When divorces are made and marital issues are decided on, the current circumstances are considered, but these circumstances can change in the future. Due to this, marital issues can be modified in the future. This can be used to fit a spouse’s changing circumstances or to better fit a child regarding custody matters or child support. As factors for each decision change, the decisions may need to be changed as well. Marital issues can include a range of decisions, such as custody arrangements, child support, alimony and the division of assets. When children are being negatively affected by their custody arrangement, it can be a good idea to seek an adjustment. You can file a motion with the court to bring the case to the attention of a judge. This may be able to better fit the child’s needs and give them a more favorable outcome.

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