What can I do to enforce a court order?

What can I do to enforce a court order in New Jersey?

When a couple gets divorced, the court may issue an order on a variety of different contested matters. Unfortunately, there may be situations in which one party fails to abide by the court order. This is a very serious issue because not only did the individual break a legally binding court order, they also deprived the victim of necessary compensation or visitation time. Some court orders that are frequently broken include those for child support, child visitation, child custody, spousal support, and more. The party who wants to enforce the court order will have to request an enforcement petition through a Post Judgment Motion.

If the party who violated the court order is doing so because they can no longer afford to make payments, it is important that they do not simply stop making payments. Otherwise, they may find themselves in legal trouble. The individual may request a Post Judgment Motion from the court stating that they have had a significant change in circumstances and need to make changes to the existing order.

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