Can child custody arrangements be modified?

Once individuals decide on a divorce, they must then decide on custody arrangements for their children. There are a few ways to decide on these arrangements. When these arrangements are made, the judge considers the current factors affecting the children to make their final decision. The parents can also decide based on the current situation they are faced with. The important thing to remember is that mostly the current factors are affecting the decision that is being made. This is why these arrangements can be modified later on. If it is found that factors are affecting the child in a negative way, it may be best for the child to change the custody arrangement that is originally in place.

How are these cases decided?

Child custody arrangements can be brought to court when a parent files a motion with the court. If they are finding that the custody arrangement is not going according to plan, they can file this motion to bring their former spouse to court. A judge can then preside over the case. The judge will take into account the previous arrangement and if it needs to be adjusted. They will consider the new factors or what part of the arrangement is not working for the parents. This can help them decide on how to change the arrangement or if they will keep it the same.

What can cause a change in child custody arrangements?

When children are involved in cases, their best interests should always be put first. When parents are divorcing, they should remember the effect that it can have on their child. By trying to maintain an amicable relationship with their former spouse, they may be able to ease their child into the newly separated lifestyle. If the custody arrangement is made in a way that grants children time with both their parents, this can be beneficial. However, if a parent sees that a child is acting out of the ordinary they may wish to address this. If your child has started to act aggressively or display bad behavior and you believe it is caused by their current custody agreement, then you should file a motion with the court. This can open a new case to decide if the arrangement should be changed. If your spouse is not following the arrangement that was originally made, you can also file a motion to bring them to court. This can either lead to a change in the agreement or force them to follow this court-mandated agreement.

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