Can I change my name back after a divorce?

Can I change my name back after a divorce?

When a person gets divorced, they many times want to seek closure, as a divorce is an emotional and difficult end to a very important chapter in their life. One major factor that may change when a person gets married is their last name, as many wives choose to take their new husband’s last name, or whatever the case may be. When the marriage ends, they may want to revert back to their maiden name.

If you want to take your maiden name back, you will have to request permission from the judge. The judge can either grant you the relief of taking a brand new name or resuming a former name. However, even though it has been granted, the new or former name doesn’t truly go into effect until the necessary government agencies have been informed.

As you likely remember when changing your name upon getting married, there are so many places where the change needs to be made once again. You will have to contact any government agency, bank, or any other organization you may be involved with to inform them of your name change. If you have relocated after the divorce, be sure to update your address when you do this as well to make sure all information is accurate and up to date.

Here are a few places to remember to change your name:

  • At work: human resources, resume, business cards, paycheck
  • At home: landlord, homeowner’s association, property taxes, utilities
  • Legal matters: Social Security, driver’s license, vehicle registration/title, passport
  • Finance: credit cards, banks, checks, debit cards
  • Etc.: gym membership, email address, voter registration, doctor’s offices, insurance

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