Divorce is a huge part of anyone’s life. Nobody pictures themselves getting a divorce, however, at a certain point, it happens to more of us than we’d like to think. That is why when you do get divorced, it is generally best to plan ahead for the months, and potentially years to come.

As we approach the holiday season, for numerous reasons, people are far less likely to get a divorce. Perhaps this is because they do not wish to spoil the holidays, especially if they have children. Whatever the reason, divorce rates fall right around now, and begin to spike back up around March.

From here, divorce rates tend to flatten once again, and then pick back up by the time August rolls around. Some studies suggest that the main reason for the August spike is that many spouses use a summertime vacation to give their marriage one last chance at succeeding. However, once the vacation ends, whether they had a bad time, or simply realized there is nothing that can bring their marriage back to what it once was, an August spike of divorce ensues. No matter your situation, if you are now ready divorce, read on to learn more about what you can expect will happen:

How does the divorce process work?

The divorce process begins with the filing of a complaint for divorce with the Superior Court. Next, you can request temporary orders of the court, which if granted, can temporarily decide terms of child custody, for example, until your divorce is finalized. From here, your divorce enters discovery, where the courts will obtain various documents and information to learn more about you and your spouse’s financial situation.

You will then attend an early settlement panel and attempt to settle any economic disputes before your divorce goes on trial. If you end up on trial, your divorce will enter litigation, where your assets will be subjected to equitable distribution. When the court ultimately divvies your assets and establishes all other terms of your divorce, the judge will make a Final Judgement of Divorce, which finalizes your divorce.

If you are ready to begin the divorce process, reach out to our firm. We are ready to help.