Divorce is the most difficult thing a couple can endure. However, if you are ready to file for divorce, there are several things you need to know. Many people often wonder whether it is beneficial to file first. Please read on to learn more:

What are some reasons for filing for divorce first?

The main reason spouses take the initiative and file first is proactivity. Simply put, if your spouse springs a divorce upon you, you will have little to no time to prepare. Not only is this a precarious situation to be in, but it is also infinitely more stressful. However, if you file first, it most likely means you took the time to find the right attorney, create a financial plan for the months and years going forward and filled out all the legal documentation that comes along with the divorce process.

Additionally, divorces are very often carried out in the state in which they are filed. Simply put, this means that if your spouse is living in another state and is the first one to file, you may very well have to travel long distances to carry out the divorce proceedings. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but it is also unnecessary when you can simply take the initiative and ensure you do not have to take the extra steps.

Does being the first one to file for divorce save me money?

Fortunately, very often, it does. As stated above, filing first allows you time to create a comprehensive budget plan, as well as secure a line of credit. Additionally, if you are getting divorced, you may file a Temporary Restraining Order against your spouse. While many people have reservations about doing so, given the fact that restraining orders are generally associated with violence or abuse, filing a restraining order may actually help you a great deal financially.

When you file a restraining order, all jointly owned marital assets and accounts are put on hold, prohibiting your spouse from borrowing or lending money, or changing your insurance, retirement, or investment terms until the divorce is finalized. If you have any other questions regarding the divorce process, reach out to our compassionate firm. We are here to help.