One of the most difficult times in a person’s life is when they get a divorce. Divorce is a complex process, both legally and emotionally. Unfortunately, the fact that you are required to make so many major life decisions in such a short, confusing period of time does not make it any easier.

However, no matter how complicated it gets, it is always paramount for you to keep your chin up, take the high road, and explore your legal options. The more involved you are, the easier the process will become. Though divorce can be tough to tackle head-on, the more you know about proper procedure, the better. This is why we have compiled a concise list of some of the most important things you should NEVER do when getting a divorce. They are as follows:

  • Refrain from angrily texting or posting about your former spouse on social media. Imagine a judge could access every single text and every single social media post, at any time. Would you still send your ex threatening, or even just angry or nasty text messages? How do you think a court would determine terms of, say, child custody if the opposing attorney has evidence to argue that you are a violent or otherwise unstable person? Additionally, it is best to avoid dating altogether until your divorce is final. However, if you cannot resist, be discreet about it and NEVER post a new relationship on social media until your divorce is over and done with. Any new relationships may be misconstrued as an affair, which may negatively impact the outcome of your divorce.
  • Never make large, unnecessary purchases, and never do anything underhanded with your money. If you are arguing you need “x” amount of child support and “x” amount of alimony and you post a picture of your brand new in-ground swimming pool, you may hurt your chances of proving you truly need financial support. Additionally, if you are caught hiding, spending, or otherwise tampering with marital finances, you risk losing far more than by simply going through the litigation process.
  • Never say bad things about your spouse in front of your children. Divorce affects your children just as much, if not more than it affects you. Even if you believe your child deserves to know how your spouse has wronged you, it is generally not in their best interest to tell them. The best thing you can do is listen to, support, and be there for your children in their time of need.

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